Mobile Phone Charging Stations and Kiosks

KwikBoost Charging Stations are one of a kind. We have a patented design that provides the best charging experience that will fit any of your needs. We offer a wall-mounted & floorstand charging stations (interchangeable), charging tables and charging lockers. If you only need a charging station for an event, you can rent or lease one of our kiosks. We can also design your charging station (and create custom shapes)!

Charging kiosks for smartphones, tablets and more

Our charging stations can support several devices at once. This includes iPhones, Androids, Kindles, iPads and just about anything in-between. Custom configurations are also available. Plus all of our products are made right inside our warehouse. That means fast service for you!


What Clients Say

  • Popular with our customers!

    Just wanted to let you know that the charging stations have arrived and they look really nice! We showed them to our student employees and all of them are really excited. They will be popular with our customers as well.

    Michele L., University of Minnesota
  • The addition of the Kwikboost charging stations has been a definite plus for our building.

    The addition of the Kwikboost charging stations has been a definite plus for our building. Students are no longer sitting on floors with power cords running amok and causing trip hazards. one of the best operational investments we have had in our new building to date.

    John O., Cal State Los Angeles
  • An impressive product that will work well in our marketplace.

    We are very excited to offer this new service to our students. We think KwikBoost has an impressive product that will work well in our marketplace.

    Mitch K., Oklahoma State University
  • They are really getting a lot of use!

    We are really pleased with the KwikBoost stands. They are really getting a lot of use now that students are back for the fall semester.

    Shane C.. Arkansas State University
  • A “Kwik” and valuable service for students

    We installed cell phone chargers and they are working great. I like the ability to customize the billboard–and the price. It was a ‘kwik’ way to get this valuable service to students.

    Anita G., Indiana State University
  • The units look great and work perfectly!

    We put the KwikBoost chargers out and the feedback has been very positive. The timing was great, as orientatoin is going on and we had a large number of people on campus. We are very pleased.

    Emily M., Texas Woman’s University
  • Great addition to our building

    We installed the KwikBoost charging stations and students were using them the same day! Great addition to our building. They look great, the KwikBoost graphic team did a great job with the layout.

    Laura D., Tufts University
  • Students love them!

    The students love them and they are beautiful.

    Judy A., Penn State
Our Products Offer


Simple, elegant practical and affordable. KwikBoost products were designed with each of theses ideas in mind. And as they say, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.


Beauty and durability. Not many products combine both of these features. KwikBoost cell phone charging stations do- and they’re built for high traffic, high usage environments.

Get creative! Power by itself is pretty boring, which is why KwikBoost’s mobile charging products can be uniquely designed to fit into any type of environment, location or situation.