Cell Phone Charging Stations

Designed for Education, Healthcare, and Everywhere Else

KwikBoost designs, manufactures and markets mobile device charging stations, power tables, charging lockers, integratable power/charging solutions, and custom solutions built to improve how people charge their devices while on the go. Mixing good design with practicality, everyday problems are elegantly and efficiently solved. KwikBoost products power the technology that connects us to the people, activities, and experiences we love.

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Simple and Elegant

Charging stations that go anywhere and fit in everywhere.

KwikBoost products are simple, yet elegant, built from commercial grade, durable materials and specifically designed for high traffic locations. Our products resolve a common problem: Access to power in public places. We help your students, patients, visitors, patrons and customers keep their mobile devices charged at all times in the most convenient way possible. Nobody does it better than us, which is why KwikBoost charging stations are the most widely used in the market today.

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M8 Charging Station

The most widely used charging station today.

Charging Locker

Safe and secure. Lock, leave and charge.

Power Table

Simple, clean, and collaborative. Power up productivity.

Power Hub

Power any device, anytime, anywhere.

KwikBoost Products

Original. Innovative. Patented. Made in the USA.

Our goal is simple, to create quality products and stand behind them with top notch service. We know that if we do those two things really well, we will create a brand that will be here to serve our customers and partners for years to come. To that end, we design, prototype, manufacture and assemble all of our products in house, in Dallas, TX. We do this so that we can control the process from end to end and ensure that the products we bring to market make no compromises.

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Focused and Aligned

An inch wide and a mile deep: that’s KwikBoost.

We focus almost exclusively on developing solutions for the Education and Healthcare markets. We align our products and services with the needs found in these environments. We focus on the basic need for power that we all have these days so that you don’t have to. Over 2,000 Education and Healthcare facilities have aligned with KwikBoost to keep their students and patients charged and satisfied. We’re just getting started!

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Tailored and Scalable

KwikBoost adapts with you and all your power needs.

We don’t sell products, we help customers figure out what they need and then create tailored solutions just for them. We are pioneers in the charging station industry, allowing you to leverage our experience and expertise to get the best solutions possible. As technology changes and your students, patients and visitors’ power needs evolve, you can count on KwikBoost to have the technology that your facility needs to stay ahead of the curve.

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On Campus

Power Up Student Devices

KwikBoost charging stations are used every day at thousands of schools across the country, powering both their mobile devices and their learning experience.

From K12 to Higher Education, in most cases power is an afterthought. And why wouldn’t it be? Power is usually just there. But no one planned for students and staff to have multiple devices that need power, everyday! Fortunately, KwikBoost has tailored solutions for your environment and student-facing power needs. Whether a university student union, a library, or a school managing BYOD or 1-to-1 programs, KwikBoost has a solution for you that is sure to earn you extra credit with your students and faculty.

In Healthcare

Boost Patient Experience

KwikBoost has worked with hundreds of healthcare facilities, helping improve patient satisfaction scores by offering patients/visitors a way to stay charged up and connected.

With patient satisfaction top of mind for everyone in your facility, you have to be thinking about the little things. Especially smartphones. Staying connected while at a hospital is important, and visitors need a fully-charged mobile device in order to do so. Most people don’t remember to bring their own charger, so providing them can save someone’s day! Whether a large hospital, outpatient facility, clinic, or small practice KwikBoost has a solution for you that is just what the doctor ordered.

Rent and Lease

Have an event, show, party or corporate event? We can help!

For Events

Don’t let a low battery stop event-goers from capturing every moment.

For Venues

Keep your guests, patrons and fans fully charged.


Our phone charging stations can be used anywhere and everywhere.